In this proceedings and presentation, we reported our progress on radiation-balanced disk lasers with two pumping schemes: multipass and intracavity pumping.

Investigation of radiation-balanced disk lasers

In this paper, we directly compare the laser performance between DBR-free semiconductor disk lasers of single- and dual- heatspreaders configurations. A maximum output power of 16 W has been reported with SiC substrate, which has lower thermal conductivity than diamonds. With the availability of wafer scale SiC substrates, it allows wafer-scale […]

16 W DBR-free membrane semiconductor disk laser with dual-SiC heatspreader

Demonstration and Analysis of a High Power Radiation Balanced Laser Detrimental heating in a high power Yb:YAG laser was eliminated by incorporating anti-Stokes optical cooling. S.R. Bowman, S. O’Connor, S. Biswal and N. J. Condon

Eliminating heating in a high power Yb:YAG laser